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Homemade Yogurt

Number of Servings: 6
Added By: Christine Robertson
My Yacht Name: Stepping Stones
Yacht Manufacturer: Beneteau
Ingredients: 3 cups water 1 cup skim milk powder 1/8 cup yogurt starter (approx) 1-2 tsp sweet condensed milk (opt'l)
Directions: Put starter yogurt out to come to room temperature. Whisk milk powder and condensed milk into water and bring to 180 degrees being careful not to burn. Turn off heat and cool naturally to 110 degrees. Gently whisk starter yogurt into milk. Pour into 1 quart plastic screw top container and place in an insulated cooler. Pour 110 degree water around it in cooler to maintain temperature. Seal tightly and leave in sun (if available) for 8-10 hours. Refrigerate and enjoy.
Comments: Yogurt starter is any (preferably plain) yogurt with live active cultures. You can use your own yogurt as starter, but the active cultures will diminish over time, so use organic store-bought occasionally. I use the sweetened condensed milk to add a touch of fat & a touch of sweet. It's a small amount but enough to make the yogurt smoother. I have had a grainy texture twice. From what I can tell, it was from too low fat content and too high heat in the cooler. Homemade yogurt doesn't have the bite that store-bought plain has. It's delicious. For variety, mix in fresh fruit from the local markets, a touch of nutmeg syrup from Grenada or a quality maple from the states, granola, etc.
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